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8 Ways to Build Team Trust

Imagine a team where everyone feels valued, supported, and empowered. What could they achieve?

The answer lies in trust. Trusted relationships build teams that collaborate seamlessly and push boundaries. When people thrive in this environment, the organization flourishes and its vision becomes a reality.

Ready to unlock this potential in your teams? Building trust is the key. Here are some ways to build this trust…

1. Be honest. Even if you are missing a deadline, honestly work with your team so they know what is happening – as soon as possible. They can work with you to determine if scheduling can be adjusted or if there is someone else who can step in for you at the moment.

2. Respect each other. Listen to each other. Respect each other’s boundaries. Let other team members know if you appreciate their work. Give constructive feedback.

3. Be consistent. When choosing how to move forward, if you change your mind, clarify and ask questions. Consistency allows team members the ability to know what to expect. Things will change, but always clarify the changes and verify assumptions.

4. Be responsible for what you say you will do (if possible). If not possible, let team members know as soon as you know you cannot deliver.

5. Celebrate the milestones. Share in success – the team is successful because of the efforts of every member.

6. Do quality work. Do your very best whether you are a novice or an experienced level person. Let your positive, can-do attitude show, and let it spread.

7. Share where you are. Let your co-workers know if you are struggling.  Self-awareness is key to knowing when to share challenges with your team. While open communication is important, timing and boundaries matter. Remember, great organizations consist of compassionate people who support each other through tough times.

8. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Building trust is all about keeping the lines of communication open. Share your plans, track progress together, and learn from each other’s experiences. Regular check-ins help address the challenges as they arise, and celebrating milestones strengthens the team bond.

These are ways we build trust in our company, and we wanted to share these with you. 

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