We Build Harmony by Listening, Learning, and Responding Together. 

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Harmonizing Minds

Equip team members with the skills and tools to strengthen team dynamics, engage mindfully with one another and achieve excellence.

Community Resilience

Get results with a collaborative team using focused awareness and project management tools.

Make a Difference in this World

Unleash the creative process in you through self-awareness to begin the journey of walking in your truth.

Mindful Team Building

Build a responsive team, one that trusts and works together in a purposeful and intentional manner.

Mindful Team Communications

Be empowered to speak, learn to reduce conflict and improve your communication skills to create high performing teams.

Create your own e-course!

We guide organizations and individuals through the process of creating their own e-courses, leveraging our expertise in project management and e-course development. We also offer services in business strategy and facilitated brainstorming/visioning.


Team Building

Build Your Dream Community Project Together! Have you ever dreamed of making a real difference,…


We’re on a journey of discovery together, uncovering gifts’ of each team member, learning about ourselves, and each other, with mutual respect and authenticity to co-create the best solutions!

Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. -- Mattie Stepanek

Our Values


We believe in deep listening and hearing one another. We believe in the potential of every human being.


We rely on diverse opinions from unique perspectives.

Conflict Management

We agree to disagree and to work together on a resolution, reducing conflict, and moving beyond it.


Every team member supports and owns the final decision once it is agreed upon.


We challenge one another and provide opportunities to ignite the passion to learn through leadership, mentorship, and self-awareness.


We embrace continuous improvement throughout the project lifecycle – and continuous elaboration; we encourage creativity and self-learning by thinking outside the box. We move mountains with know-how and a positive attitude.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. -- Helen Keller

About Us

We are 100% women owned. We represent our values. We believe in and see each other’s value with acceptance and appreciation of the members on our team.

We deliver classes that harmonize teams, build upon successes and help individuals recognize their gifts, contribute, and bring their best.

We guide individuals and organizations through e-course development.

We offer project management consulting.

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