In this class, you first connect yourself, your story, and your passion(s). You reflect on where you are and where you want to be. You gain clarity about your past journey and your future dreams – how do you make these a reality?  Are there others you have met who might want to join you or whose skills and energy you value? How do you make space for your dream even in the face of rejection? This is about how to stay true to your purpose, your values, yourself, and keep moving forward: embracing diverse opinions, creativity, critical thinking and heart-centered passion.

This begins with a journey within.


  • Develop understanding of tools to break through and live into your purpose
  • Develop sense “I can” achieve to get unstuck
  • Awaken your potential
  • Develop deep listening skills through writing and sharing with one another

Timing: 15-hour class, over the course of 3 days  PDUs: 15

Maximum class size: 25 participants. We break teams into groups of three to five depending on the class size. Note: Virtual facilitated classes or in-person if a) pandemic permits this safely b) your organization is located in the Greater Boston area.